S Block Wallet Plan Review SCAM or REAL? +91 8128384742 | S Block Wallet Plan Presentation in Hindi/English

S Block Wallet Plan is an opportunity to earn money in crypto . One side bitcoin is growing everyday and on other side S Block Token claims price $100 in next 6 months may be S Block token beats Plus Token and Bit connect very soon. This plan will be best plan of 2019.

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What is S Block Wallet Plan ?

S Block Token plan offers us a wide plan means there is no restriction to join with fix packages and even you can withdraw you invested amount anytime without any hesitation. I think its wrong to say investment because in investment your amount is blocked and you cannot withdraw your capital amount, but in this plan you can withdraw your profit as well as capital any time after the deposit.

S Block token plan is very simple. You have to hold your funds in S Block wallet and you will get 6% to 15% monthly dividend on your deposit. Please note you have to minimum deposit $300 according to today BTC value in your wallet, suppose today bitcoin price is $9000 and you deposit $300 in wallet, but after some time if bitcoin fluctuate and BTC drop to $8000 that means your invested amount is also dropped and now your wallet holding is only $250 in that condition you will not get any ROI because you have to maintain minimum balance $300 for your ROI and level income also.

Download S Block Token Android App

Download S Block Token IOS App

After Completing Application, Select Create New Wallet and fill all Details in given form.

Don’t Forgot to Put your Referral Code : SBLOCKINDIA – Call me after completing your Signup at +91 8128384742

S Block Token Wallet Launch ?

S Block Token Official Launching on 23/June/2019 in Singapore with 5000 leaders all over the world. In Singapore company announce about this project and their benefits in detail and even company discuss the future projects also.

How S Block Token Generates ROI :

Well I have same question when I was started working in s block token wallet. basically, cloud token working in ARBITRAGE TRADING and generated min 15% profit on daily basis. Even S Block token use our holding to maximise the profit with our holdings from this process they generate ROI and share with us according to our holdings.

Arbitrage Trading process is complicated but money generating process. In this process company use minimum 10 leading crypto exchanges API and buy sell crypto with bot. I hope you now about bot trading because all big whales and investor use bot trading to generate maximum profit in less time.

S Block Token Price :

Bitcoin price is fluctuating and depend on demand and supply but S Block token performs we’ll and give handsome profits. S Block token launch price is $1 only and today in just 7 days this token price is $1.32 cents. According to big whales and company CTO hit $100 in 6 months.

S Block Token Office ?

S Block Head Office is in Switzerland but still company did not announce any office official address and 30 Branch Office will be open globally soon

S Block Token Compensation Plan ?

S Block token compensation plan is also very simple and interesting like ROI plan. In ROI you will get 6% to 15% monthly of your holding but if you refer your friends, relatives you will get addition income which I mention below.

100% S Token Matching Bonus :

LEVEL 1 – If you refer your friends, relatives directly on level 1 than you will get 100% matching bonus. For Example, If your referral deposit $1000 than he will get 10% as a ROI means $100 per month and you will also get $100 as a 100% match income from your referral.

LEVEL 2 to LEVEL 10 – from level 2 onwards you will get 10% matching income from your team and this income is same upto 10 level.

Level 11 —Level 15 – from level 11 onwards you will get 5% matching income from your team and this income is same upto 15 level.

Community Rewards :

If you want to enjoy all levels than you have to sponsor each direct to open each level. Example if you sponsor 3 directs then your 3 levels open and if you sponsor 10 directs than your 10 levels open but there is one more secret.

If you sponsor 15 directs then you are eligible for all 15 levels matching income.

The game is not over yet, You can maximise your earning in S Block wallettoken.
If you complete 15 direct and $200000 Business in 15 level then you reach Planet Rank and get 5% additional till infinity level.

If you help your sponsor to create team then you will get additional benefits, Suppose you help your 3 friends from 3 different legs achieve Planet Rank then you will get additional 10% from team as a team bonus.

Further if you complete the pool and your team than you will get 5% bonus on each pool completion.

Planet Rank – 15 Direct Members with $200000 business in 15 level – 5% bonus till Infinity Level

Star Rank – 15 Direct Members with 3 Planet Rank in 3 Different Line – 10% bonus till Infinity Level

Galaxy Rank – 15 Direct Members with 3 Star Rank in 3 Different Line – 15% bonus till Infinity Level

Universe Rank – 15 Direct Members with 3 Galaxy Rank in 3 Different Line – 15% + 5% bonus till Infinity Level

It’s a very simple and money generating plan. You can make money very easily. People make millions of dollars in plus point and if you miss that opportunity than don’t delay and start today.

S Block Token Wallet Joining Process :

1.Simple download the app S Block token wallet
Download S Block Token Android App
Download S Block Token IOS App

2. Referral Code – SBLOCKINDIA

3. Deposit your fund min $300 in BTC, LTC or ETH

5. When you received your fund in wallet then go to MASTER STAKING and ACTIVATE IT.

Note – Deposit minimum $350 because of bitcoin/crypto fluctuation.

S Block Token Review :

S Block token review is very good. After Seeing all Technical Points and Core Team I can say this project have potential to become big project of 2019. According to me this project hit the market like Plus token but only those can earn Money who join first. Company vision is very clear and acc to officials company easily hit $100 in 6 months. But my target is only $20, if company hit only $20 then my earning is in million of dollars. So, don’t delay and start earning with me with full swing.


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