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What is 7Club Plan?

7Club Plan is a platform that has well designed and lucrative single leg investment plans that ensure clear and fast returns. It has extensive profitable features that prove to be extremely viable in creating a steady and sensible monetary growth structure.

7clubs.in / 7 club plan launced

Its a Single leg plan an inherently rewarding scheme that is structured around a member getting their commissions according to the target achieved by their down line members.

The plan, therefore, delivers a straightforward configuration with beneficial returns.

7 Club makes this plan available for people by providing many single leg income options and additions perks and features that encourages clients to explore more in terms of financial stability.

7club plan review

7 Club Vision :

Our vision is to build a future of seamless financial evolution. We want to show people the benefits of making smart financial decisions and allow them to achieve their aspirations.

7 Club Mission :

Our mission is built on creating profitable plans for our clients by making the lucrative world of single leg investment plans accessible for people at all times. We want to facilitate their individual monetary growth.

Ours Features :

In order to facilitate flawless functioning, 7 Club has several features that ensure impeccable services.

Trustworthy process
• Lucrative plans
• Remarkable returns
• Premium security
• 24×7 support
• Expert management

How to Earn with 7Club ?

Joining amount – Rs. 777

Types of Income :

7club income plan
  • Direct sponsor income – Rs. 70
  • Single leg income
  • Level income
  • Franchisee income
  • Booster income
  • (only for first 3 levels)

Single Leg Income :

Total Team -100
Direct -1
Income – Rs.35*30 Days= Rs.1050.

For Booster Income ( Direct 3)- Rs.52.5*20 Days =Rs.1050

Single Leg Income / Business Plan 7 club

Total Team – +250
Direct -1
Income – Rs.65*30 Days= Rs.1950.

For Booster Income ( Direct 5)- Rs.97.5*20 Days =Rs.1950.

Total Team – +500
Direct -1
Income – Rs.75*40 Days= Rs.3000 .

For Booster Income ( Direct 10 )- Rs.100*30 Days =Rs.3000.

Total Team – +1000
Direct -2
Income – Rs.125*40 Days= Rs.5000.

7club type of income

Total Team – +2500
Direct -2
Income – Rs.200*40 Days= Rs.8000.

Total Team – +5000
Direct -3
Income – Rs.400*50 Days= Rs.20,000 .

Total Team – +10,000
Direct -4
Income – Rs.800*50 Days= Rs.40,000 .

7club single leg income

Total Team – +25,000
Direct -5
Income – Rs.1000*60 Days= Rs.60,000 .

Total Team – +50,000
Direct -5
Income – Rs.1500*70 Days= Rs.1,05,000 .

Total Team – +1,00,000
Direct -10
Income – Rs.2500*80 Days= Rs.2,00,000 .

single leg income

Total Team – +2,5,0000
Direct -10
Income – Rs.4000*80 Days= Rs.3,20,000 .

Total Team – +5,00,000
Direct -10
Income – Rs.6000*100 Days= Rs.6,00,000 .

Level Income :

7Club Level Income upto 10 level

👉LEVEL 1 – Rs.70
👉LEVEL 2 – Rs.35
👉LEVEL 3- Rs.25
👉LEVEL 4- Rs.10
👉LEVEL 5- Rs.10
👉LEVEL 6- Rs.05
👉LEVEL 7- Rs.05
👉LEVEL 8- Rs.05
👉LEVEL 9- Rs.05
👉LEVEL 10-Rs.05

Franchise Income :

👉Buy 20 Pins Get 1 PIN FREE

👉Buy 50 Pins Get 3 PINS FREE

👉Buy 100 Pins Get 7 PINS FREE

  • Registration is completely free.
  • There are daily payouts every day during closing.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 300 and maximum is Rs. 2000 per day.
  • The stipulated time frame for withdrawals is 12: 01 pm to 5 pm.
  • There is a 10% deduction on all withdrawals (ADMIN CHARGE ).
  • You must complete your single leg direct referral within 72 hours or that level will be flushed completely.

How to Join with 7Club ?

Click the Link Given for Registration : https://www.7clubs.in/my7club/user#/register

Fill all your Personal Details ask in the Form Like Name >> Mobile No. >> Email Id.

Write your Sponsor Id with whom you want to join & Submit it.

Registration done Successfully. Congratulations!

For Activation ur ID, Send your payment to company account directly for immediate activation.

Payment Proof of 7Club :

Basic Details of 7 Club Company :

Company Name : 7 Club

Domain Name : https://www.7clubs.in/

Owner Name : No Name Mention Anywhere

Customer Care : +91 9558321869 ( Only Whatsupp )

Support Email Id : [email protected]

Company Office Address : India ( Not Mention Full Address of the Company on Site )

Check Out New Launched Plan for Long Term : CLICK HERE

7Club My Final Review :

I shared all the Details above about 7 Club and at these point you can judge all the things at your own. so, at the end of these blog i would like to give my personal review about these company.

After case study about these company, we had not seen any Legal Documents and Owner Profile anywhere online, also not having full address of the company on site, it make some risk about the company

According to me this project hit the market in Beginning but only those can earn Money who join first

Finally we can say there is only Joining amount Rs.777 which is not as much big amount. If anybody want to earn and take small risk then this time is best to join at ur own Risk. We not recommend to invest or join with any project, our blog is only for education purpose.

Hope you enjoyed my Personal Review.

If you have any Queries or Doubt you can Comment us Below.

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